Pergola is a multifunctional facility to cover large areas for commercial, exhibition or for private use . It can easily be closed with vertical side screens, which increases its functionality. Opposed to other models awnings with articulated folding arms or side guides, pergola has a relatively high-end wind resistance – from 4 to 6 class according to standard BDS EN 13561. The class of resistance depends on the specific product sizes.

Model C130 has a solid construction with side guides, ribs, columns, etc., made of high strength profiles of aluminum alloy EN AW 6060, with mechanical characteristics according to EN 755/2. Pergola has a standard integrated gutter system. Plastic parts are produced by properly housed structural plastic granules – polyamide, polycarbonate, polycarbonate / ABS – All materials are UV stabilized and certified (UL 94 and UL 746 B). Fasteners are made of stainless steel. All components, assemblies and construction are generally designed according to current standards for safety, performance and wind loads (BDS EN 61310-1, BDS EN 60335-2, BDS EN ISO 12100, BDS EN 13561). Pergola has been tested of wind resistance according to the methodology in accordance with standard BDS EN 1932.

Pergola is gripped at the back to the facade or in an existing or additionally made steel construction. Anticorrosion and decorative coating: electrostatic powder coating. The steel parts are pre-galvanized. Standard color – white RAL 9010.

Drive system: with 1 or 2 electric motor Somfy, with a system of toothed belts, drive, retaining and locking carriages. Control of power unit: with radio control – for one motor, with a button at 2 motors.

Cover: Made of tree layers of PVC “blockout” material supplied by SATTLER.

Options: other colors on RAL, protection roof of cover, radio control on 2 motors, sensors for automatic control and others.

Maximum dimensions: width L x projection B: – 4.50 m x 7.50 m – with two guides; – 8.00 m x 7.50 m – with three guides; – 12.00 m x 7.50 m – with four guides.

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